Chester Street Car Park

Chester Street Car Park has benefited from a project to fit new lighting which makes the area brighter and saves money.

The image above shows the old lighting system on the left and the new new lighting tubes and arrangement on the right hand side. The new lighting scheme requires fewer lights but provides better light levels.


Project Details
Total Project Capital Cost                     £75,000
Total Cost Savings (£/year)                  £20,858 (projected)
Annual CO2 savings (tonnes)              55.0
Project Life (years)                                 20
Simple Payback Period (years)            3.6
Benefit Cost Ratio                                  4.2
Percentage Energy Savings                  67.4%

The Brief

Survey work highlighted Chester Street Car Park, which dates back to the early 1980’s, was due for a face-lift. Light levels were poor, and light fittings were costing a lot of money to maintain and were of an outdated technology that had a short lifespan and needed more energy to work than modern fittings.

One of the main issues for Chester Street Car Park was to make sure minimum light levels were met to make sure it was bright enough for users to safely use the building. These recommendations had changed since the car park was built, and lighting technology had also advanced.


The Solution

The best result from this was the proposal to fit “bolsters” to adjust the position of the fluorescent tube slightly lower down from the ceiling so the light spread further. This allowed us to reduce the number of fittings while making sure the light spread further. These bolsters were designed and made on Island by the excellent staff at DOT Works Blacksmith’s shop.

Luminaires used software to carry out lighting options calculations for all areas in the car park.

These works will save approximately £21,000 each year. Further savings are expected from the introduction of lighting sensors which can modulate the light on some levels on bright, sunny days.

John Shimmin MHK, then Minister for the Department of Local Government and the Environment said:

‘Chester Street Car Park is perhaps one of the most heavily used Government Properties in Douglas. I am delighted that my officers have found a way to improve this dated building giving it a more welcoming appearance which at the same time reduces Government’s energy and maintenance costs. This project was one of the first to be financed by the Government’s Energy Fund, and I look forward to many more projects coming through from my own and other parts of Government.’

Peter Longworth, Energy Initiatives Officer with the Department of Local Government and the Environment, explained:

‘This project has provided a very impressive 67% electricity saving, with a payback of under 4 years as we have been able to better light the car park levels with less than 300 fittings, compared to nearly 600 required before. These modern light fittings last three times longer than the old ones, so further savings come from reduced maintenance needs.’

Martin Hall, Chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Officer Group said:

‘This is a wonderful example of a win-win project. We’ve got a modernised car park that is brighter and safer and will save Government money in energy and maintenance costs.’

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