Coffee Exchange, Douglas

In the last few years, the application of CAD (Computer aided design), 3D and 2D has become more prevalent in construction and design projects.



CAD Choice

It is widely believed that the extra expense of 3D CAD work is only valuable to large budget operations to confirm all aspects of a design are considered to reduce costs during construction. Despite the proof that 3D CAD and BIM (Building information management) has become a valuable tool to designers and building investors, the use and investment into these applications is still very rare, especially for small projects.

It is because of this that it is extremely refreshing to find clients ready and willing to invest into 3D CAD to benefit their project. Our client approached us looking for a lighting design and 3D representation of their project from concept stage. This enabled the client to view their look at their initial design choices seeing what works and does not work. This includes many interior design choices such as furniture, and surface finishes. This allowed our client to make certain design choices prior to construction saving on potential costs from mistakes.

CAD Benefits For Coffee Exchange

Working with our client we were able to aid them to optimise their seating capacity, aid the choice of surface finishes and also aid in our lighting design.

The client specified early in the conception stage that the lighting was to replicate ‘daylight’ whilst not being noticeable. Using these specifications, we carefully selected lights that would produce illumination up and down to reflect off the light coloured surfaces. The light selected creates a bright, indirect light that comfortably illuminates the area to the clients request. Using specialist computer software, we were able to ensure that the lights selected would provide light to the entire space leaving allowing us to focus on feature and detail lighting. Using lights that would match the client’s ‘industrial’ look style, we used specified lights that can also be used for external application that have a refined industrial appearance.

We thank our client for the opportunity to work with them, and hope to be able to work with them again in the future.

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