Our Service

As an established company spanning several decades, our years of experience have taught us that every customer’s requirements are bespoke and entirely unique.

From private homes to commercial properties and busy retail spaces with a high footfall, we have had the pleasure of providing stunning lighting solutions for a varied range of lighting projects across the Isle of Man.

Within the commercial sector we have designed lighting for single executive offices to full multi-story and multi-office developments. In the retail and service sector, we’ve also worked with independent shops through to high profile bars and restaurants, creating a unique atmosphere and ambiance to show off a client’s business or property to its full potential.

We don’t just focus our attention purely on large development projects; we’re happy to work with clients to supply a one off bespoke piece of lighting, to complement a specific room in a private or commercial space to create the desired effect.

Of course, if you’re looking to outsource your lighting requirements to a well-established and trusted local business and require some expertise for projects on a much larger scale, we will work alongside you as your lighting solutions partner, to take your project to the next level.

We love to help our customers to visualise their finished space through our design concepts, created by our in-house design team, ensuring we have a clear brief and understanding of how you propose to utilise the space, from the outset. As your lighting partner we are involved at every critical step in your project, to ensure you achieve your desired end result.

When it comes to design concepts, we look at lighting in layers, so that when these layers are combined; they are able to provide you with the perfect balanced lighting scheme and offer a number of lighting scenarios, to complement the various uses for the space.

Our Process

With every new project, it’s important for us to engage with the project owner at the early stages, to ensure we have advised you of the considerations needed when it comes planning your lighting scheme. Clients are all too often, unaware of the impact of their lighting solution on the electrical contractor, room layouts and décor and thus involve us further down the line than we would prefer.

This can result in restrictions in terms of what’s possible, which is disappointing for the project owner and for the design team, so we encourage you to chat to us as soon as possible, so we can advise you of when and where we will need to get involved.

Rest assured, the benefit of involving us early will pay dividends, as we will liaise with your architect, electrician, interior designer and anyone other supplier, as needed. In an ideal world, we love to see the architectural drawings for your project, using these to overlay lighting layouts, provide schedules of luminaires, produce lighting calculations and even provide 3D visualisations as part of our premium design packages. However, don’t be afraid of getting in touch at any stage of a project, having had the experience of being introduced to projects that are well underway, we have a vast number of tricks that we can use to take even a basic lighting layout to another level. We can work to any budget, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your lighting needs, to see how we can help.

We specialise in:

Lighting supply

With over thirty manufacturers, and rising, we have thousands of stunning lighting solutions to bring your project to life.


Lighting design

  • Initial consultation
  • Lighting design concepts
  • Lighting plans including circuits
  • Lighting calculations
  • Specifications to meeting lighting control needs
  • Schedules of Luminaires
  • Budget guides
  • Site visits and reports
  • Liaison with contractors

Bespoke lighting

Some of our manufacturers offer bespoke light design. Using our knowledge we can help you provide a design brief to these manufacturers to get that purely one of a kind light.

Once the light is produced, we can coordinate with on site contractors to ensure it is installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Onsite demonstrations

For some lighting designs, you may need to ‘see it’ to fully understand a concept, in this instance we may be able to offer onsite demonstrations.